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Jennifer Thompson- How can she Bench as much as she can Squat?

Jennifer Thompson: Jenny Adolfsson: Cicera Tavares: 2015 Salo.

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As a female who is passionate about the sport of powerlifting,. specifically in the bench press. Jennifer Thompson is one of the best pound-for-pound bench.

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Nutrition in a Busy Life. tips and meal ideas from Jennifer Lyn Thompson, a busy wife and mother who also happens to hold 20 national powerlifting.Jennifer Thompson is a mother of two boys and has been powerlifting since 1999.I am a 39 year old mother of two boys, wife, algebra teacher and I.P.F. World Champion Powerlifter.Women in Powerlifting. Jennifer Thompson is simply amazing as a 132lb raw lifter.She is a math teacher and a four time IPF World Champion and 2 time USAPL National.

Jennifer Laura Thompson was born on December 5, 1969 in Southfield, Michigan, USA.Powerlifting Strongman Discussion on powerlifting, strength and more, including the squat, dead.Well, Jennifer Thompson is about to change your perception completely.The 2013 IPF Masters World Powerlifting Championships in Orlando,. which will be a test for Jennifer Thompson (if she wears equipment) and the rest of the field.

Jennifer Thompson: Alyssa Hitchcock: Priscilla Ribic: Liane Blyn: Jill Arnow: Leigh West: Year 44 kilograms.

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Jennifer Thompson is a 9th grade math teacher and her students are constantly challenging her to arm wrestle them.

Lori Braun is the owner of the largest bodybuilding site on the planet.I know that she is a bench specialist, but as a top competitive powerlifter,.

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Jennifer Thompson SSP Athlete and World Champion Weightlifter.Jennifer Thompson Workout Spreadsheet: How to select attempts.Take everything you would expect one of the greatest powerlifters of all time to be.

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Jennifer Thompson. My husband is always joking that powerlifting nationals should be called squat and deadlift nationals.Watch Jennifer Thompson bench press 325 pounds in front of a university football team,.

63kg Jennifer Thompson Benches 317.5 lbs for New IPF World

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Critical Bench: How do you want to be remembered I would like to be a legend like Jennifer Thompson,.Jennifer Thompson Sets World Record Total. Jennifer Thompson World Record Bench.

International Powerlifting Federation - IPF with Jennifer Weed Thompson.Jennifer Thompson. Increasing Your Bench Without Gaining Weight by Jennifer Thompson for.

USAPL Bench Nationals - Jonathan Leo goes 805lbs